Wolseley Hotel - Freehold & Business - SOLD

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An opportunity to own your own freehold and business at a very cheap price. Located 12km out of Bordertown in a very wealthy farming area. Wolseley is on the main Adelaide - Melbourne railway and is reputed to be home to the largest bulk grain depot in the Southern Hemisphere. The Hotel has bar, dining, beer garden and accommodation all on a large area of land as well as having the added income and client attracting bonus of being the local store supplying papers, milk etc. With only doing meals Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights - it is a good lifestyle Hotel.
  • Single Story Hotel
  • Public and Private Accommodation
  • Good family hotel with no pokies
  • 12 km from Bordertown
  • Located in a wealthy Farming area
  • Added client attracting bonus of being the local shop
  • Licensed Veranda
  • Beer Garden with Pizza Oven

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