Hotel Central, Riverton - Freehold & Business

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Huge price drop

This is a beautiful property in a very attractive growing town only 100km North of Adelaide. There is much room for growth with this property as the Vendors have been ill for some time.

This hotel sale also includes a very large area of land of over 4,000 sq metres on 2 titles located right in the centre of Riverton. 

The hotel is well located in the main street of Riverton and on the highway travelling from Adelaide to Broken Hill. The hotel has a good-sized front bar, 10 gaming machines, a beautiful dining room, commercial kitchen, large managers residence, ability to do public accommodation and an area for a beer garden.

Riverton is a lovely town only 100km north of Adelaide. It is the commercial centre for surrounding very lush farming country. The town is host to schools, hospital and many small businesses.

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