Flinders Hotel Motel, Port Augusta – Freehold & Business + stock

The Flinders Hotel Motel is located in the main street of the thriving city of Port Augusta.

The Flinders Hotel Motel is an impressive hotel located on the main street in the commercial centre of the city. The hotel shows the splendour of a bygone era with high ceilings, timber panelled walls and timber staircase, but also contains the amenities you would expect of a city hotel including a 12-machine gaming room, bars, dining, beer garden, café, 14 motels rooms, 12 hotel rooms ensuites and a large manager’s flat.

This is a profitable hotel that would suit 2 types of owners 1) those with some experience looking to take the next step in the industry 2) those that can see the excellent opportunity of developing the hotel with an upgrade of the gaming and opening the café into a modern café al fresco area fronting onto the main street and imparting a little TLC to the property.

Port Augusta is a rapidly growing vibrant city. It is at the crossroads of Australia with road and rail. Port Augusta is also the city closest to the mining boom happening in the north of the state and many resources are channelled through Port Augusta. Many services are to be found in Port Augusta including a busy airport, banking, public and private schools, public service and many businesses. Many new businesses and industry are establishing themselves in Pt Augusta.